NEW RELEASE - "Through the Eyes of Mary" published by Chocolate River Publishing. 
NOW AVAILABLE at the following locations: Bird's Corner Store in Burtt's Corner, Westminster Books in Fredericton, Cover to Cover Books in Riverview, Tidewater Books in Sackville, or through a Chapters store.
ISBN No. 97809877470068 costs $18.95

"For teachers who want to engage young people in the study of history through the use of primary sources, this volume is a treasure trove...." 
Alan Sears, UNB Dept. of Education (History).

"Sharon reminds us ... the majority of published histories might focus primarily upon politicians and newsmakers and ... this is a unique opportunity to read a great story of a New Brunswick woman simply known as Mayme."
Philip Sexsmith, UNB Dept. of Education (English).

"My Canada" a children's book for ages 4-8, published by Flying Frog Publishing, Maryland, USA.This board book contains Icons, Fun Facts and Famous People for each of the ten Provinces and three Territories. Want to know who invented the ice cream cone?  Check it out on the New Brunswick pages in this fun book. 

Available at Chapters/Indigo.    Under $10.00
ISBN No. 9781607457954


"A Peek Around the Corner, Burtt's Corner - the Early Years" (2011) is an anecdotal history that relives the early years of a thriving railway community. History buried for decades in private journals, photos and letters comes out of the closets for the first detailed story of this close knit community.  
Available from Westminster Books, King Street Fredericton.
Available from Bird's Corner Store, Burtt's Corner, NB. 
OR contact author directly.        $24.95

"As we read A Peek Around the Corner, Sharon Bird took us on an informative and entertaining journey through the early years of one of New Brunswick's rural communities." 
- Ted and Anita Jones, Independent historians and published authors.

"This book details, with considerable precision...the town's character.The amount of research that went into writing this book is prodigious and impressive..."
- Judges for the Writer's Digest (New York).



"From the Shoe Box" a collection of Burtt's Corner, New Brunswick photos from the early 1800's to early 1970's. These 200 photos that depict the lives of Burtt's Corner residents are typical to many rural Canadians during this time period. Social gatherings, daily struggles, events, and tragedies will interest the history buff. Community residents will treasure it as a family heirloom.This coffee table style book is specially sewn to lay flat for easy viewing.
Available at Bird's Corner Store, Burtt's Corner, NB
OR from the author by email       Cost  $32.00

"The Photographs and stories provided are sensational. Her knowledge... and passion shine throughout the book. I highly recommend it."
- Gordon Shank; San Rafael, California.


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