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 MISSION STATEMENT - To research, write, edit, and proofread your documentation, ensuring a   professional finish that meets the style and format of your company vision and/or mission statement.


 Sharon Bird began writing as a teenager, but first published in 2000. She has published more than 40 articles in national magazines and newspapers including Saltscapes, Celtic Heritage, the Globe & Mail, Telegraph Journal and various other publications. Sharon has published 4 non-fiction books, and recently submitted a children's novel for 8-12 year old readers to a publisher. The unpublished novel won the Joyce Barkhouse Writing for Children Award of the Atlantic Canada Writing Competition in 2002. 


During a long employment history in the Construction, Utility, and Oil & Gas Industries  Bird  wrote  books and articles, as well as proofreading and editing in her spare time. For two and a half years Sharon worked as Coordinator, Policy & Procedure for a large corporation, where she was responsible for timely updates and review of approximately 1000 documents including policies, procedures, and standards.  In this role she also created a training program, and facilitated classroom sessions for new users unfamiliar with document processing software.


Sharon spent eight years in the oil patch of Alberta before life forced her to take a year off in 2017.  Now stronger than ever, it's time to transfer her skills into something she is passionate about - research, writing, editing, and proofreading. If you're looking for an efficient, competent technical writer then give her a call.

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"I remember sitting in team meetings and hearing the horrific news of workplace deaths and injuries across our industry. Some left vivid images in my mind. If I can save lives by assisting with procedure updates or safety training, then I have made a contribution to society  and saved families from great loss."

Hire a Professional Writer - Let Your Safety Staff Focus on Safety in the Field.

When your safety team members are in the office writing procedures, they aren't able to focus on the safety issues in the field. Free-up those staff to address other tasks and urgencies. I can work with your subject matter experts or HSE for input, then write the documentation. They can focus on other demanding concerns of your business.


If Your Business is Working Towards COR Certification - Make Sure all the Documentation Meets COR Requirements. 

Professionally written documentation is clear, concise, and simple. It eliminates all the extra words that serve no purpose, and removes the numerous extra paragraphs and pages that discourage staff from reading through your policies or procedures.  With experience in the oil and gas industry as coordinator of policy and procedures, I was part of the editing and review process for 1000 documents. I can help you as well.


When Your Organization Updates or Installs New Software, You Need to Inform Staff of Process Changes - Visual Aids Such as Placemats, Cheat Sheets or Quick Tips can Help. 

Most employees are reluctant for change, because they need to move out of their comfort zone. If you roll out modifications to your business processes in an easy-to-grasp manner, they are more willing and accepting to those changes. With easy-to-understand tools like cheat sheets, quick tips, or placemats the information is at their fingertips so they can learn quicker. These can be created using screenshots and working with your software specialists

I had the opportunity to work with Sharon while she was author and stewart of the company standards, safe operating procedures and isolations to name a few areas of her direct responsibility. She is meticulous, works at a high rate of efficiency and understands the need for accuracy. I would highly recommend Sharon. 


- Christine Yeoman, 

 External COR Auditor, NCSO, P.GSC, OHS at Yeoman Construction

 Retired Oil & Gas Safety & Compliance Coordinator    



I recommend Sharon Bird and her consultancy, Newbird Communications, because of the speed and high quality of her editing and writing. All of our orders were professioally done on time and never over the quoted amount even if she spent more time to complete the job. I look forward to our next project with Sharon. Contact her to get your editing and writing done right; you will be glad you did.


 - Max Chernetsov, President

    SEEDA Inc. 



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