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Their front yard is a set of railway tracks. The back yard is the railway siding. In this fiction adventure for 8-12 year olds, Nicholas, Claudia and Fletcher live with their parents in the upstairs apartment of the railway station. New to the community of West Cardigan they aren't long befriending neighbours Sarah and Thomas. When Sarah and Thomas retell the old tale of missing jewellery and the community ghost, it's just the start of their summer adventure.


An earlier draft of this book won the Joyce Barkhouse Writing for Children Award in the Atlantic Canada Writing Competition in 2002.


Some revision has been done and it is now being submitted tto publishers for review.

Fingers Crossed for acceptance!




This adult historical fiction that begins in the spring of 1944 (during World War II) will have you laughing one minute; the next feeling the pains of families during the war years. Set in a rural farming community, an elderly grandfather is left responsible for his three grandchildren when his son goes off to war in 1939.


With the death of her mother, 12 year old Clara becomes woman of the house. Her older brothers teeter between impish pranksters, and responsible adults working on the farm.


When the family receives a letter on June 9, 1944 it's dated a few weeks earlier. Their father mentions something big about to happen but no other details. News is trickling in of a battle with high casulalties and some of their neighbours have received the dreaded news of injured and deceased family members. Like most Canadians of the time, the family has no idea where there father /son was headed and if he was involved in this particular battle.


This book is in progress. The first five chapters were submitted to the David Adams Richards fiction category in the Writers Federation of New Brunswick spring writing  competition, and in May 2021, the submission was awarded Honourable Mention. The judge commended the submission "for the authenticity that brings wartime rural New Brunswick to life."

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